Is Your Search Engine Ranking Changed Overnight?

                       If yes is your answer then,

                               this article is for you!!!

Google has released its new Update on Penguin – PENGUIN 4.0.

Let’s See about what is Penguin Algorithm, Pros and cons of this Update and ways to safeguard your website from this update.


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Before that let’s see what is Penguin algorithm?

This Penguin Algorithm is designed in a way to catch all the websites that are spamming the search results.

Its first Updation is in 2012,  than in 2014 and latest is in Sep 2016

More About Penguin 4.0

Penguin 4.0 – (Real time update) Targeting all the Over Optimized sites.

Over Optimization splits in two ways,

  1. Over usage of Keywords which are placed unnaturally (Keyword stuffing)

     2. Over Optimization of the Link profiles, if the site has more number of links from the external sites that points to           the same Keyword of a page.

If these two cases arises in your site, then this is time to update your disavow files.

“Use keywords for your Visitors/customers, not for Search engines”


How you can identify your site is affected by the update?

  1. The site resembles irregular falling and raising of Google rankings
  2. Organic traffic decreasing

This Penguin 4.0 is more granular that is more powerful and it penalizes the targeted pages in the site (NOTE: In past it penalizes the entire site)

Pros of this Update

  • When an webmaster Optimizes or updates their website, search engines will now make the changes more quickly, and this leads to change in ranking more faster


  • If you penalized by this update, And you can try to recover from this update using disavow.
  • Once disavow is done you can see the ranking changes immediately
  • It Penalizes the competitors those who took short cuts to rank in Search engines. If you are genuine in Building authority, it will results in positive rankings.


  • If your competitor who is in the top of the search results and you were behind them, in this scenario if they try to build some black hat technique or build some spam link means they will got immediately by Google and if it is over spam links.

Cons of this Update

  • You need to optimize your website correctly, due to this update Google will find the errors faster than ever, this will alter your ranking.
  • To remain with Penguin 4.0 you need to keep a regular monitoring of your websites back-links, since SEO is becoming more advanced.
  • In some cases your competitors negative SEO will lead your website rankings down

Safeguard measures to make most out of Penguin 4.0

You should keep an eye on maintaining the regular back-links and check using Disavow tool. The quality of the website decides the back-links from good or bad.

If you notice any raising and falling of rankings, you can take the following steps,

  • Remove Hazardous links
  • Check out the keyword density and check whether it is placed naturally

I think, I have transferred knowledge over the update of Penguin 4.0, get aware of this update and try to protect your websites.

Build Your SEO Strategy in Easy Way


  • Establish Goals and Identify Target Audience
  • Find Right Targeted Keywords
  • Build Your WebSite for SEO
  • Track and Adjust

Establish Goals and Identify Target Audience

The first step in SEO strategy is to determine your business measures, the initial target will be to rank your website in Search engines. You may ask why do i bring my website in high rank search results? Just see below

  • Branding
  • Conversion

Branding :

Promote your business brands to reach all the people, it will make aware and positive thoughts about your brands. Here you can calculate your visitors, traffic, click through rate and ways to reduce your bounce rate.

Conversion :

After the first success, target your visitors and convert them to business sale. Measuring the success of your business with conversion rate or number of conversion from visitors.

Find Right Targeted Keywords

In Your business Campaign find the right targeted keywords, this is the beginning portion of conversion process. We need to analyze the keywords that are preferred by the users.

Find Piece of Information

The web searchers are not looking for buying anything it’s a starting point of conversion process. Here, we are not trying to immediately visitors into customers, First we have to analyze visitors requirements and then we will convert them later. Before conversion we need to provide some positive thoughts to visitor to stay in our website it may reduce the bounce rate, by using call to action words such as best deal, amazing offer, buy 2 get 1 etc.

Build Your WebSite for SEO :

Build you web pages with the targeted keywords for high ranking but don’t stuff the keywords. And content pages need an required keywords based on search engine formulas.

Create landing pages with your keywords

URL : Include your keywords in landing page URLs because search engines and users find it as an easy way to focus their keywords and avoid the using of ( _ ) underscore better to use (-) hyphen.

Title tag :  The most important part of SEO is the title. So we need to optimize your web page title with focused keywords. You can able to add  multiple keywords using  ( | ) pipe symbol.

Meta Description : Meta description is not an important part of SEO but it  is powerful because of search engines shows meta description in user searches so we need to put some powerful words here to visit our websites like best offers, quality, branded product etc.

Header : H1 headers an important tag in search engine because it’s an title for content and rely search engines here, we need to put only one header in a single page and also add some sub headers ( h2 – h6 ).

Track and Adjust :

Keep tracking your business progress by monitoring the increase and decrease of search traffic to evaluate your efforts. Which one is working and which one is not?

Here i had furnished about SEO strategy through my knowledge. Hope you may get benefit with this one. If you struggle with above process SEO Company in Chennai will help you for your further assistance.


7 Tools which makes up to 1000’s of visitor month engaged with your Posts

Are you satisfied with your content marketing experience as a professional?

It doesn’t a matter whether you are beginner or expert with the content marketing. You may gained a lot as an expert but apart from that there are lot to implement for making proper satisfaction.

There are lot of tools availed with Google than any other search engine. The thing is tool will be the great impact in which we are using when the content creation.

So hereby i hope once you are reading this posts may gather some basic ideas that will change your strategy.

Okay let’s discuss about those  tools which helps for the good content creation along with google.

# 1. Keyword Planner :

The main objective and tricks to be followed when we are creating the posts is KEYWORD. Maybe this will be the major part for many purpose. But here we are going to discuss which is located with the content.

Do you think you are using the top keywords in which boost the TRAFFIC?


Well are you looking for the tool for that? There is an amazing Google Ad-words: Keyword Planner will be there for pick up more targeted keyword. It is free and simply to use and also tool which offers something unique.

When you are searching and experiment more and more you may understand the tool. As a content marketer you may use keyword for driving more traffic.

# 2. Google Analytics :

From the name itself we can coming to idea that the analytics of our work. Here we can check whether our strategy is working or not whether we are on the right track or not and all.


Okay can you answer yourselves what are the objective of your work. If you are hesitating little bit in the sense no worries it’s the time to make the decision strong.

Well this tool will helps to make familiar with this analytic tool. You may examine your performance for the particular period of time.

Thus you may get the clear idea about whether you are on the right track and can make some corrections to drive towards the destination.

# 3. Search Console :

Apart from the analytics and all there are lot of things availed with this tool in which we can implement.

You may find about Search Analytics, Links for both organic and also manual, Usability and all.


You may check with the appropriate section in which you are going to take a step within that. Added advantage will be you may check with the Keyword position along with you had chosen.

The main thing of fetching our sites to the search engine is major part. But here we are discussing regarding the content marketing right? So we can analyse with which keywords are performing good or somewhat.

# 4. Google Trends :

Maybe the keyword planner plays the major role for selecting with appropriate keywords and all. But this alone will not helps for driving the success.


The major thing is what we are going to describe and what we are going to make attention of the people. By using this tool we can choose the topics which are trending and viral.

So by extracting the ideas we can implement our strategies within that to explain among the audience clearly. So you can drive your targeted audience to get interact and engaged with you.

# 5. Google Sheets :

You may ask what is special thing with sheets among the other tools. The thing is so simple we can record and tracking our works along with our project.


In which as we discussed with the keywords along with the planner right. For getting details like the search volume and also the bid results and all. So when we are recording those we can coming to basic ideas for where we are on our track.

# 6. Google+

I think as we are having nice experience with Google+ among the various social media.

Most of the familiar persons are looking for the great success behind with the google+ platform.


We can implement with this in many ways like

  • Share our content among our followers
  • Creating and Discovering much more relation for our business
  • Building and get engage with the visitor relation

This may be helpful for creating better position and exposure among our beloved audience.

# 7. Google Docs :

With Documents we can check with the limit of our word count and also inserting more pictures within that.


And the main tips to be followed when we are creating the content is

  • Avoid our Distractions like other work (i.e. mail, social alerts and all)
  • Avoid spell check whether you are writing
  • Make sure with the proper working of your creation.

You may noticed that the spell problem, within this we can correct the spell problem at the final stage.

Also we can check with the word count when we are able to posts and all. This was the best tool for making with the creation.

Conclusion :

Hope you may understand why i had described this topic here. And i think after reading with this you may get the clear and standard relief within your content marketing for creating the more attraction.