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Thuspaves a great way for many process in various sectors as well as many industries. Many persons are using in every sectors for their day to day convenience. Now a days online banking plays a vital role in every industries.

We have created a new online banking experience with new features and to by analyzing your content management through seo analyst. Now we will see about how the online banking process is executable.

  • It gives control to your account whenever and wherever you need
  • It is easy to use and free to join
  • Using smartphone , tablet you can access mobile banking
  • Need not to access traditional paper statements , it’s all available on online
  • Use a variety of payment methods like pay to your friends , bills , taxes etc

There are various threats in these sectors , but driving growth and profitability is the . Now we will see about various threats

  • Driving growth and profitability
  • Managing compliance
  • Adding new technologies
  • Strategic hiring decisions
  • Cyber security
  • Deploying customer facing initiatives

How can we overcome this challenges?

We can overcome this threat’s by knowing the customer needs and their values

  • Interest income and loan growth
  • Enhancing the mobile channel
  • Differentiating through services
  • Discovering new technologies
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Improve through online channels as well as mobile
  • Center of interest on staffing as well as training
  • Enhance customer support
  • Focus on social media

By utilizing this process, the clients can was able to standardize their usage in online process this innovative technology is all about that is nothing like a feel of entering into a ,is ready to help with your need or problem

2.E- commerce

Thus many of the customers in the past are belonged in traditional marketing, but now online is paving way to everywhere and anywhere in the world. So you have to attract with customers , so E- commerce is the best work for long-term sustainability. Now we will see through visual clip how E-commerce has become significant. Thus E- commerce is always listening to customers and updating its platform and giving us confidence that your investments will continue to pay dividends well into the future.

Thus consumers are making different expectations in different perceptions , so retailers also have to meet their demands. Thus in following cases you can see the threats

  • Consumers demand amazing apps
  • Consumers demands seamless experience across world wide channels
  • Legacy systems are holding retailers back
  • Newly creative ideas are damaged by upgraded requirements of old platforms
  • E-commerce models utilize poor payment models

And also we analyzed that some of the users have said that

  • Site visitors are impatient
  • The site was too talkative with a lot of winding text
  • No visual explanation about the product

Now we are going to design the page based on user’s need , and to focus on their trends and demands

  • Focus on typography and headline copy
  • Greater use of visuals , which drives more attention from the users
  • Contingent call to action with a hard focus
  • Delighting the customers

Now the enhancement of e- commerce is not only in user’s hand, it also depends upon the seo . so that your landing page get some features among the customers perception they are

  • Easy to understand the content and grouped into divisible units
  • Persistent context
  • Clear labels and tags
  • Easy forward and backward navigation
  • Minimal scroll navigation

Thus e-commerce plays an important role in marketing based on customer needs as well as the user’s demands


Thus customer response around the world are become dynamic , the organisations are getting their standards through different social media’s. Now we will see about the retail marketing and its concept

There are various threats in the retail marketing one of the important factor is “ means as technology gives businesses more ways to provide service to customers in unique ways , thus competitors are coming from outside their industries , this is known as uberization”

Thus one outcome of uberization concept that customer expectations are being set by companies in order to compete in different sectors and also to increase the volume of visitors from search engines.

In Order to overcome this problem we also suggesting some ideas , to compete in this new technology environment

You have to be active at every time and be precautious ,where the competition starts in the industry

We have to look after the customer perceptions and we have to implement according to their needs , thus customers are more expecting in digital interactions.

Customers are using newly advanced technologies by using this advance technologies you increase your familiarity of your organisation like mobile apps , use of

Thus we can also attract the retailers as well as buyers through different methods like

  • Competitive analysis
  • Technical analysis of the site
  • Ongoing link building campaign
  • Ongoing content marketing
  • Web analytic’s reporting
  • Online SEO implementation
  • Social media content promotion.


By using these above methods now have 65 top ten rankings for targeted keywords ,it also and more than 10,000 unique visitors have visited each month to engage with visitors.

This medicine world has undergone many changes through the changes of dynamic which is present in the world. Now we will see about the mobility of the changes which had been present in the medicine world.

In hospital we are seeing the prescriptions in manual manner , and we have to go to hospital for regular checkups , and we have to stand in a queue to get that laboratory results. We also having and in desktops , so when doctor availability is not there means it cause critical conditions to patients and when doctor is in some other place.

The mobility help to enhance the health care both in hospital and home too. Now a days modern skills has also came in medicine technology like Electronic Health Record apps instead of paper charts . it is also helpful for the patients those who been admitted for extra days observation are sent with, so that they can sense blood pressure and heart rates from the place they are.

Even now stethoscope has recordings capability and it can visualize through mobile devices and can scrutinize through desktops . we can also transmit data of monitoring devices through wireless connectivity. The health care organizations contemplates most efficient ways of includes internet of things into the clinical ways and other related environments , how it enhances the health care.

In Order to secure those data’s and recordings of the patient monitoring signals we have to use Virtual Desktop infrastructure is to protect the mobile devices and also electronic devices like tablet , laptop etc . because it stores all the data on server , not on device.

Thus in medical world we have bought a wonderful boon to the people in order to reduce the work as well as developing the technology